Let’s Talk About Guns!

Yep, guns are back. They certainly weren’t cool for quite a long time, but with the events of the Sandy Hook Massacre writ large over the American public, people are buying them like M&Ms, afraid that their “legal right” to have weapons that can kill hundreds of people in five minutes might be taken away.

Hey, I’m a 2nd amendment guy. No doubt about it. But, I’m not a smoker of crack. I’m not, as many pundits are, of the belief that having teachers armed with Uzis is actually going to stop madmen with gun collections. Just not going to happen. In fact, you start arming teachers, and I’ll bet you a million that people start “accidentally dying”. In numbers.

The NRA Is The Most Transparent Lobby Ever!

Ok, I know I’m going to take some flak for this, but seriously. These people make money building weapons that slaughter people all over the world everyday. That’s their job. Yes, they might talk up the “self defense” and “right to bear arms”-crap, but let’s face it: Those are sad talking points at this point. People murder. Yes, I get it. But guns do a pretty good job helping them out with that task.

And when the 2nd amendment was written, guns looked like this!

I am incredibly PRO-MUSKET. Seriously. I’d love to see these things all over the place. It would be serious, serious laughs. Ban assault weapons, but assault muskets? Now we’re talking. How about that 1 rounds per minute firing rate? Sign me up!

So anyway. Saw this piece of BS on the web yesterday:

Picked yourself up off the floor yet? You’re really drinking the Smith & Wesson Kool-aid if you believe even a second of this junk.

Let’s call down point one: HE’S THE PRESIDENT! Show me a president of the United States who DIDN’T have the Secret Service protect his kids, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t the President. Point: IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN.

The President has a few people out there that do not like him. A lot of those people are crazy and would love to hurt him. So he has guards. Full stop. There is no hypocrisy in this, NRA. You people are just idiots.

The Rest Of The World Have It Wrong

Ok, so gun deaths in the rest of the world are extremely low. It must be a coincidence that they also have stricter gun laws. Seriously effective coincidence, yes, but all just a rare and non-correlated situation.

Of course, America is a different country. We have different needs. And according to the NRA, we ALL NEED TO BE ARMED. I’m sure gun crimes will come down once everyone has a gun.

What do those Canadians, Swedes, British, Norwegians, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Greeks, (INSERT REST OF THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD) know about REAL GUN CONTROL?

Absolutely nothing. They just happen to have a few thousand less bullet-ridden corpses in their morgues than America does every year.

Wow. Their funeral industry just must be a shambles.


2 comments on “Let’s Talk About Guns!

  1. mike brewer on said:

    Why should i feel like a criminal for owning or wanting to buy a gun. I am a paramedic and over the many years i have seen what people can do with a gun, knife, car and many other ways of killing a person. I dont enjoy talking about them. but its something thats going to happen no matter what rules are placed on American gun owners. I am a parent, and the death of our nations childern makes me sick. But the weapon did not cause harm, the people did. I believe in my rights and yours. They should not be taken away. what is the answer, i dont think there is a clear one. but i can say what is clear taking away our rights is not the answer.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but my “right” to own an AR-15 is one I’ll probably never exercise. It’s just plain ol’ ridiculous!